There are so many layers to a personality and a person. When we meet somebody new, we get to know them slowly and began to form a relationship. We become aware of their personality traits and mannerisms. But how well do we really know anybody? Do we just get to know the person they project? Do we just scratch the surface?
The first layer of there personality? Do we do this subconcise, the exploring narrative of this work has led to playing with layers, transfers and home made projectors and interactive installations. The work is in a playful and investigation stage


IMG_2248 IMG_2259 IMG_2264 IMG_2284   IMG_2391IMG_2389 IMG_2393 IMG_2396

january 2015_2january 2015_1
january 2015_5


image one photoshop image 3 from photoshop image two for photoshop


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