michael mapes

specimen_AM http://www.room62.com/human-specimens/y5qh6ubchdfo15e43w3yci7569xn4r love this work, categorising the human like this is something i want to start doing


Found an artist I feel is actually thinking the same way I am, http://huntzliu.com/

Hunts Liu use of color, shape, texture, and over all work is something like what I have been working with but still havnt mastered. I want to be using his bold yet accurate color scenes in the use of a portrait. I have tried with paint using warm and cold colors and love it.

Inshttp://www.mymodernmet.com/profiles/blogs/beautifully-crafted-cherry-tree-installation installation made with some home made stuff, ideas like this could really add to my work









layers, on layers, on layers


some sketch book work i have been working on at the moment

playing with layer has been for a while now and i love the use of masking tap as a transparent medium



found this site with making tape, the colors is not what I’m interested in with my work but still love the idea of turning a house hold idea into a medium